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How to get ahead in the stock market?

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The price of stocks already reflects people's future expectations. Therefore, how can I use economic indicators and other measures of what is expected to happen in the future to help me? What other information can I use? Obviously, I would not know any better information about the future than what is released by government agencies and The Conference Board, etc. than is already given out to everyone else.


So how do I get ahead?


Not only stocks, but this future expectations reflects on all markets, including bonds and commodity futures.

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There are 10 main Points , required to get ahead in the stock market: 


1. Get some work Experience


2. Market yourself


3.Don't be held back


4.Understand the commercial realities of market


5.Understand the complexities of marketing


6. visualize your long term career


7.Manage your digital footprint




9.Do you research


10.Be passionate about what you do


Sharing with you a video link for the beginners, just come across , thought i should share with you.xx




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