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international student and no thesis


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Hi guys, I am an international student coming from an asian country, wanting to study educational psychology at the "top schools" for the area(U of Wisconsin, Minnesota..)


I studied education as an undergraduate at the one of the best universities in my country, my GPA is around 3.8/4.0. My GRE scores are 162/168/4.0 (I lived abroad at a english-speaking country for two years as a child). However, I do not have a thesis or any research experience, so I am not expecting much success for Ph.D. applications.


I am thinking of applying for masters at these schools. From what I hear, there is a high chance of successfully going on to the Ph.D program at these schools if you have completed the masters there with good performances. I want to know if this is really true. My other choice is pursuing a masters in my home country, but the schools have nearly no research reputation and research opportunities are so scarce for my area of interest.

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