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Fordham MSW?


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Does anyone know anything/have any opinions about this program? I am interested in a clinical track and am probably headed to NYU for that reason but I was also accepted to Fordham and they also have a clinical concentration....it is marginally more affordable but I'm not sure the last couple of thousand will really make a difference at that point... any advice?


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From what I can tell Fordham is close to 20000 dollars cheaper over the life of the program.

I am headed their in the fall, and I was pretty impressed with my experiences through the admissions process.

I chose them, over other schools with a clinical concentration because I felt they had a very balanced program, clinical but you get a strong framework in other areas. I don't know enough about NYU to answer this with any certainty but my understanding is that they are heavily psychoanalytic in their clinical approach.

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When I was applying, NYU was almost exactly $100 more per credit. Now, with increases for the coming year, I think it is around $150 more per credit. I am planning on going part- time for the first year while working full-time. I don't know what it looks like for full-time students, but for me the first year at NYU (at $911 per credit for 12 credits) is roughly $11,000 and the first year at Fordham (at $750 per credit also for 12 credits) would be roughly $9,000.

I decided to attend NYU but it was a tough choice. I know people who have graduated from both programs and I have heard nothing but good things all around. To the above poster-good luck with your choice!


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