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Should i send a motivation letter?


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Hi!,.. i am  international student and applying for master degree program at a Canadian university, and they don't ask for motivation letter in their required documents,..I want to know would it be privilege if I included a motivation letter with the documents? or this would be unnecessarily step? 


thank you guys for help?

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Things can vary a lot from school to school and program to program, but you will find that Canadian graduate schools work a bit differently from US graduate schools. For example, as you noticed, it's not very common for Canadian science programs to request a "SOP" or some kind of letter/essay stating your reasons for wanting to go to grad school.


Instead, many programs ask you the same questions as part of your application form instead. For example, when I applied to UBC Physics for my MSc, the application form had a page of 5 questions with those little text boxes that ask you things like "What do you want to study?" and "Why are you interested in ____?". This is where you should provide this information!


There are some Canadian schools that try to follow the US model though. For example, U of Toronto structures its graduation and graduate program like the US schools (in Astronomy, you enter directly into the PhD track, not a MSc first). However, the majority of Canadian MSc programs, from my experience applying to Astronomy MSc programs, do not generally request applicants to submit written work as separate files.

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