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Worried essay will be construed as plagiarism


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Just took the gre and the issue essay prompt was essentially the same given in magoosh's video. I tried hard to vary my response, but some of my ideas were similar and now I'm worried they will be taken for plagiarism.

For example, I defended a similar perspective in my concession point. All wording, examples and expansions were of course my own, but I'm worried that this one area will be seen with the wrong intent. when I realized this I started to try to write a new concession point but my time ran out.

What do you think??! My stomach is knots!

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Thanks, guys!  I appreciate your response.  I wrote that post 10 min after taking the test and was obviously having a bit of a freak-out.  I went through my essay with someone afterwards and I can see now that I'm probably over-analyzing.  I *may* need to take my stress level down a few notches.


Thanks again for the reassurance!  

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