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Would you please review my motivation letter? 3 days left

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Hello everyone,


I am international student, wishing to apply PhD in synthetic biology field. Here's my draft. 


What excites me about synthetic biology is the leverage of new science and engineering field brimming with its myriad applications for the future of human and our planet. Over the last decade, synthetic biology has significal implications in our lives range from production low-cost drugs for malaria to programmable biosensor for Ebola virus. In this intriguing breakthrough, I also saw the opportunity for xxx to have contribution in synthetic biology development. I do believe xxx has a tremendous potency in synthetic biology development especially for its unique natural resources, many of talented researchers, and a huge market size. I realized that xxx is still lacking of synthetic biologist nowadays. For this reason, I really want to put my dedication to learn more about synthetic biology field. 
I always have been fascinated by synthetic biology’s innovative idea and people (community) who working on it. It was inspiring me to initiate participating in international Genetically Engineered Machine competition in 2013. I was entrusted as initiator and team leader of team xxx, the first team (pioneer) from our university participating in  this competition. I tried to manage my team that consists of 6 students with multidiscipline background ranged from scientist, engineer, programmer, and designer. We worked together on developing a whole cell biosensor for aflatoxin (a type of toxin that  poisonous for human) detection. At a glance, our aflatoxin biosensor consists of two main modules : aflatoxin activation module and SOS response module. We had characterized both of module and they were working done successfully, although still needed further development to make a complete system. Through this competition, I had an exciting experience learning about BioBricks, designing our circuit system, building genetic circuits from available parts, modelling the circuit, creating a lovely wikipage, having a good negotiating and communication skills. 
Since synthetic biology comes from collaboration of interdisciplinary research, molecular biology skill is needed as well as other skills. My educational background in Microbiology (bachelor) and Biotechnology (master) gave me lots of knowledge through courses I took and research experience in handling microbial molecular genetics and physiology of microbes. My bachelor degree research was study of transcriptional regulation of celullase gene by characterizing a native promoter of endoglucanase (a part of cellulase, an enzyme to break down cellulosic compound to simple sugar) gene from Bacillus sp. RP1 (thermophilic bacteria). Research experience I had in master degree was about investigating metabolic overflow in pyruvate branch point through studying biochemical characteristic of enzymes which are playing key a role of it. It is a great interest because pyruvate lies at the junction of many biosynthetic pathways e.g. ethanol and lactic acid producing pathways in Rhizopus sp. Both of research experience I had in my bachelor and master taught me that time management, persistant, and work hard in solving research problem is a must. 
Now, I am really motivated in continuing my research interest and career by pursuing doctoral degree in synthetic biology field. I do believe that PhD position will contribute enormously to my future research career plans. For this reason, I look forward to becoming part synthetic biology laboratory in xxx headed by xxx through xxx Program. Moreover, I can think that one of next challenging idea in synthetic biology is deciphering virulent pathways of Staphylococcus aureus using CRISPR technology. It is a fascinating, absorbing and rewarding endeavour with many potential benefits for health care. Arguably, since antibiotic-resistant forms of pathogenic S. aureus (MRSA) is a worldwide problem in clinical medicine, developing strategies to against the S. aureus infection will bring a novel approach to decrease MRSA case. Based on my academic competency and previous research experiences, I believe that I have capability and potential to accomplish the PhD research project. xxx which is well-known being the leader in research against pathogentity microbe, is the best place to grow me as a good researcher. It will be a great opportunity for me to gain valuable knowledges and research experiences from the professors and other students in xxx through joining the program offered. The program also will help me to make great impacts in people's lives while still being true to my passion and interests. 
Please,give me comments dan advices on my motivation letter on hoe to improve it. Thank you so much for your help.
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I am not in biology but I think it looks good, there are a few little grammar errors though, I would ask someone to proofread it (I am an international student as well, so I can't do it). Good luck!

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Hi Applemiu,


Thank you very much for your help. I am looking foward for it. I also already make some revision in grammatical of my motivation letter.


Best of luck for you Applemiu!

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