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Phd Program Genetics International: chances


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Hi i'm an international student from Pakistan. I'm applying this year in some genetics Phd programs in the US for fall 2010. JUst wanted to know my chances at some of the schools i've listed and maybe get some advice on considering other schools as reaches, safeties etc. Thanks for your help!

My stats:

Bsc. (2yrs) in Microbiology



chem general

Biostatistics I

English (compulsory)


Chem inorganic

BIostats II

Urdu (compulsory)



chem physical

biostats III

Pak.studies (compulsory)

industrial micro

medical micro

biostats IV

chem organic

Labs were involved in all science courses. got an overall 78% top 10 in my class

Msc (2 yrs) Genetics: class of around 70 students


Cellular physiology and biochemistry 87% (highest in my class)

cytogenetics 77%

molecular genetics 91% (highest)

biometry 87%

plant breeding 91% (highest, possibly ever. being given a gold medal)

human genetics 83%

microbial genetics 86% (highest)

biometry 91% (highest)

evolution I 92% (highest)

developmental genetics 93% (highest)

quantitative genetics 89% (highest)

experimental design 78%

Literature review (marks yet to be given: on retinitis pigmentosa and its treatment)

seminar (paper presentation) 85%

taking next semester:

Advanced plant breeding


research techniques

research project

Genetic engineering


* Founder of the literary scoiety in Bsc.

* Initiator and Editor of the Microbia magazine (main focus on cellular retrodifferentiation)

* presented poster at the 6th international biennial conference for biotechnology : won first prize in thematic posters)

* chief speaker for the genetics department at the health conference organized by department of special education

* interning in molecular biology lab at the international centre for chemical and biological research (summer)

* Taught all sciences to two kids for four years (O-levels through A-levels. both passed with straight A's)

* I am an artist too, single-handedly organized and paid for my own art exhibition for fantasy art (the first of its kind in Pakistan). was on TV for it. My biggest achievement

Other academic awards:

* Been Top of my class (first position for the last three semesters)

* Prime candidate for two gold medals (the maximum number the university has to offer)

I'm giving the GRE general in July and the Biochem subject test in october. Have a good feeling about the general test as i got a 1490 on my diagnostic. got a 1530 on my SAT

My LORs are going to be from my supervisor and two from my professors. one i think i'm going to get from the Dean of Science which is a huge deal since she also happens to be the president of the Pakistan society for microbiologrobiology. Don't know what they'll wrtie but i'm in excellent standing with all of them. One i might also include from my tuition employers. and one from my lab supervisor at the lab i'm interning.

Unis in consdieration:

* stony brook

* columbia

* Watson School of biological research

* Pennstate (Hucks Institute of the life sciences genetics graduate program)

* Cornell (Maybe)

* Kellogg School of science and technology (Scripps)

* University of Georgia

* Dartmouth MCB graduate program

* East Carolina University

* Rockefeller

* Caswewestern (maybe)

I worked my way through college and can not rely on my parents support for grad school as we can't afford it. so i'll be applying for complete financial aid. Also, i took the most competitive courses being offered and opted for all the research opportunities available by pkaistan's standards. I's really appreciate your time in reading this thoroughly and giving me some advice on what i should or should not do. Thanks :)

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