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Low quant, decent verbal; chances


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Psychology and neuroscience phd

149 q, 153 v, 6 AW (1st time was 145v/143q/3aw 2011, 2nd 153v/144q/4.5 aw 2013, 3rd current scores)

2 publications, 1 single, 1 2nd author

1 conference

5 years research

1 national award, simulation and modeling

MA Columbia 3.59

MS Upenn 3.73

First generation college student

Learning disability

appling to: princeton, harvard, mit, penn, vanderbilt, columbia

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You should probably post this under your discipline instead of the general GRE board. Everyone's discipline is different. As a history major, I have no clue what your stats mean in your field, nor how many people apply to those programs or what their averages are. I would feel comfortable betting that chancing anyone in any discipline is extremely difficult.

Are you aware of the requirements and recommendations of programs in your field? Do you meet or exceed these? If so, then you had a chance as much as anyone else who also meets the certain key factors necessary for consideration. Have you spoken to POIs? Do they sound excited about your research? This should give you an indication of fit with a department, but there's not a qualitative way to determine your chance at getting in.

I know how nerve wracking this process is, but try to relax and focus on the parts of the application you still have control over. Your first post is only a day old, and it's not in the most intuitive location to get your question answered, so don't take it personally when people don't respond. Breathe, focus on your SOP, and make your application as pristine as possible. You'll get through this.

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I would say that those are top schools and that your scores are on the low side (Columbia asks for a 310 total). BUT... you have a lot of research experience, so if your research interests are a good fit for the department, maybe you have a chance. I would recommend that you also include lower ranked schools.

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