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Which schools to apply to?

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Dear all: I am in the process of deciding on which schools to apply to for a M.A. in International Affairs. (fall 2010) I am fairly certain I would like to focus on European Studies or, if possible, international migration. I'm really hoping to get into either Johns Hopkins, GWU, Columbia, NYU, or UNC (transatlantic masters).

How I look as an applicant:

School: State (Minnesota)

GPA: 3.66 (Although my major GPA for German Studies is a 4.0 and International Studies almost just as high)

Majors: German Studies, International Studies

Minor: Music

GRE: unknown, taking it this fall in Germany

Languages: Native English speaker, Very proficient in German, basic Turkish (currently in Istanbul taking intensive classes)

Course work: completed macro and micro, focused my courses mainly on European studies

Study Abroad: semester in Vienna, month j-term in Berlin/Potsdam

Research: spend a semester researching. UROP project (undergraduate research opportunity), under the supervision of my main German processor, concluding in a 35 page paper dealing with the hidden Islamic culture in Germany, politics of mosque building. Also completed a senior thesis for my international studies seminar.

Work experience: 3-month internship in Berlin at the institute for cultural diplomacy

International travel to Colombia, Brazil, most of Europe, and living in Istanbul for the summer

2009-2010 school year: just received a Fulbright English-teaching grant to Germany.

LOTS of extracurriculars: although my minor was music, I spend my summers working as principle flutist in an international opera festival. I also devoted alot of my time playing in the orchestra and chamber music group at my university all 4 years. (Music performance was my major for the first 1 1/2 years until I switched )

well written sop - I've had alot of practice after applying for the Fulbright

LOR's from my old professors and possibly my employer in Germany

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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