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CSULB, UMD (nervous as heck!)


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I have a 2.6 GPA and I'm applying to grad schools for my MSW for the fall 2015 semester. Im looking at UMD and Cal State Long Beach. I have about 150 hours of volunteer work with Maryland CASA which is a non profit that works with extreme cases of children in foster care. I was also once in foster care as a child and I want to make a difference the best way I can. Does any one know my chances of being accepted? I know my GPA blows, but who better to be admitted to a MSW program than someone who was in and out of the system their whole lives.. What do you think? I'll definitely stand out thats for sure.

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What are your take always from being a CASA? In what ways have you been challenged, triggered? How have you grown? does this align with your endeavors in the field? Speak to this in your personal statement.

Don't worry about not having a BSW. In my program, those students are the minority. Speak to any relevant classes that you think may bolster your application. Do your schools require the GRE? Perhaps for students with a GPA below a certain point? If they don't perhaps you can take it (if you haven't) and strong scores can supplement the weaker areas of your entire App. Admissions committees look at all facets of an application so you have chances to augment it.

So you where in foster care.... I don't know how much of it you talked about in your SOP's but I'm note sure that just because you were a foster youth the committee will be partial to you. Again, what were your major takeaways from this arduous/meaningful/______(?) experience? How did your interactions with SW'rs and the macro systems influence your desire to pursue this work?


I probably don't make an awful lot of sense, it is midterm season and I am running on fumes. Your post stuck out to me and I wanted to comment. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I wish you the absolute best

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