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Is 303 good enough?


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I took my GRE this year and got 303 - 156Q, 147V and 4.0 AWA. (I have not yet given my TOEFL). I have a GPA of 8.15 from BE. And I have 2 years work experience in an IT product based firm. I was planning to apply for the following Universities for MS in Computer Science:


1. University of Texas, Dallas

2. Clemson University

3. North Eastern University

4. Duke University

5. University of California, Irvine

6. Arizona State University

7. SUNY Buffalo University 


Are my options safe?

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You should post this in the computer science section if you want answers.


My suggestion would be to look at class profiles. Your Q score sounds low-to-average, and the V sounds about average. I'm not CS, though, so I don't know how far off I might be. I'm just saying something besides "move this post".

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