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Developmental Psychology/HDFS (PhD)- GRE scores question, send last test scores or both?


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I took the GRE twice about a month apart. The first time, I was very strong on Verbal (164), very poor on Quant. (148), and just alright on AW (4). I just retook it after a month of studying the Quant. and went down significantly on Verbal (159), up on Quant (152), and haven't received my score on AW but I'm certain it went up at least a half point because I was well-prepared (used Score It Now) and thus, was able to write higher quality essays.

My question is, which scores do I send? I was thinking of sending both sets but my Quant is so terrible on the first set. However, I know my Quant. still isn't great and I was hoping my outstanding Verbal on the first would help somewhat. Ugh.

Background information: Most of the programs I'm applying to list their admitted students' GRE averages as a combined score, and I exceed that. However, there are a few more competitive programs where I only meet the minimums set by the department if you take V from one and Q/AW from the other. Also, I am applying with a Master's degree from a less prestigious state school (GPA=4.0) with an empirical thesis; years of teaching, research, and volunteer experience; one poster presentation at a conference; several advanced statistics courses with A grades; and a large and prestigious scholarship. Additionally, one of my letter writers is a statistics professor I have worked closely with and he has offered to vouch for my statistical ability despite my low Quant. score.

Thoughts? This month is full of crazy, isn't it? ;)

(Note: Obviously I am also consulting with my mentors about this. Just wanted some more opinions.) :)

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Hi there!


Our policy at GradCafe is not to have duplicate posts since it's both confusing, creates disjointed discussions and might even decrease the number of replies. Since you've reposted this in the GRE forum, I'll close this one and redirect readers to this thread: 

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