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SOP Conclusion Sentence

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I keep debating over how to end my SOPs. I would use some broad sentence about how the program fits my goals and how it's a great match for my research interests. However, I've already used sentences like that as transitions into my discussion of the research that matches, etc. I don't want to seem repetitive but I also feel like I need a good concluding sentence.

If you feel like sharing, I'd love to hear how others have concluded their SOPs. I'll share mine as soon as I come up with a decent one.


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Hmm, this is an interesting question. I stripped mine of specifics just to make it more general—and found that, stripped of specifics, it is painfully generic:


By developing and applying principles like [ theoretical project of my main POI ], [ related trendy topic 1 ], and [ related trendy topic 2 ], I hope to expand our understanding of [ major discipline ] on a deeper level and illuminate [ my interest ] for [ discipline specialists ] and [ muggles ] alike.

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I ended my SOP with a few sentences that addressed the question "What do you want to do after your PhD?" (whether this was an explicit prompt or not). So, my last sentence was something like 

"I am excited for the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to be an independent researcher in X at University Y."

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