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UChicago- worth applying?


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I am applying for Fall 2015 programs. Can't believe it's almost December 1st- eek! That went fast. I am submitting applications for Michigan and Columbia for this date but I'm still really unsure about UChicago. I'm looking to do macro work (community organization and advocacy) and want to focus on international social work/global practice as I have extensive work experience with refugees. My friends keep touting how great UChicago is for macro social work students and I like that considering many programs are majority clinical. They offer an international social welfare concentration with a study abroad requirement, which is awesome. I also love the city of Chicago and have many friends there (live on North Side though). I guess I feel hesitant because of UChicago's academic reputation- I feel like it might be a lot of work, serious and intellectual, etc. I am capable of handling a big work load, I am a bit of an intellectual and I do want to take my social work study seriously. But I don't know- there's something about it in the literature I have that makes it different than Michigan, Columbia, BC, Penn, etc. Also, while they say they don't have a min GPA, their average GPA is 3.5. I have overall 3.27 (much stronger if counting last 60 credits) I have some good work experience but I'm just a good, hard worker, not super stellar brilliant shining star. I feel that might be more what UChicago asks for. Can anyone confirm or debunk my take on UChicago? Am I totally overthinking this? Given what I'm looking for, do you think it is worth applying there? Any insight would be really appreciated!



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