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Need advice about applying to Neuroscience graduate schools.


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I am currently applying to graduate schools. Over the past three years I have been working towards a Psychology and General Sciences dual degree as a post bacc. student. I have a 3.82 GPA, great references, and a publication under my belt. The problem is I did not do so well on the GRE exam. I got a 155V, 146Q, and a 4.0 analytical writing. My verbal puts me in 67th percentile but my quantitative score was abysmal. Would it make more sense for me to wait a year and retake the GRE or should I apply?

I took lots of difficult classes such as a full year of Ochem and Biochem. I pretty much completed all pre med requirements on top of my psychology requirements. So I doubt admissions committes would think Portland State was just an easy school due to my low GRE scores. Anyways. Thanks for any advice you may have. Sorry if there are any typos as I am using a cell phone to type this. ( :

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