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Applying to PhD from MA in other social sciences fields?


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Hello all,


I'm a student doing a master's program in another social sciences discipline, but would I like to apply for a PhD program in Social Work.


I've done looked into in this website and some Social Work departments,

but was not able to find info giving me a realistic view about the my chances.. and about what I can do to make things work out better.


Could anyone share what they know about this?

Any advice would be really appreciated..


Thanks a lot for your time and support! :)

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I'm in a social work doctoral program and can think of 2 people (from other cohorts) who came in with degrees that weren't msws (mpa and mph, i think).  When I went around to look at other programs, I met a number of people at different schools who came from different disciplines.  They got in and seemed to be doing fine, so I wouldn't worry that coming from outside of SW will automatically exclude you.  I think that as long as your research interests line up with social work-y stuff and you have some solid experience working on issues related to social work, you should be fine assuming that you're a strong applicant otherwise. 

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