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New York University SCPS Global Affiars MS


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I'm hearing a lot about this program and would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone that went through or is currently in the program. Also, anyone with knowledge of the program please chime in.

* Why is this program housed under the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) rather than another school such as Wagner or GCAS? Is there a stigma attached with the program being housed under SCPS?

* What are the students like in this program?

* What percentage of the class is international?

* What is the alumni network like?

* Is this program considered competitive with more established programs?

* What career assistance does the school provide?

* Are graduates/students coming out of this program able to compete with graduates/students from programs listed and ranked in Foreign Policy Magazine?

* Do people complete the program or have students left?

* Are there tenured or academic track faculty in this program?

* Could you describe the ratio of classes taught by tenure/academic track faculty, clinical faculty, and adjuncts?

* What is the quality of education?

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