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Am I a strong applicant as an international?

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Hi everyone,


I know, many people have already asked that question and you are overwhelmed but it is so important for me to have an idea about my chance of acceptance .


GPA: 3.78/4.00 . I am an MD and i graduated from the top medical school of my country as a valedictorian. I have lots of honors and awardsat ,

GRE: 149 verbal, 166 quantitative and 3.5 writing

8 months of education in Biochemistry residency program

more than 1 year of research experience at a research lab in Harvard , now I am a current research fellow

2 recommendation from Harvard ( one of them is really strong)  and a letter from dean of my medical school


I am applying to all medical schools in Boston area; biological and biomedical science programs including Harvard.


thanks for your comments!!!


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Most people on this board aren't applying to medical school, so we don't have any relevant experience for you. I think medical school is quite different from research-based PhD and MA programs, so I wouldn't want to even venture a guess as to how strong your profile is. My guess is that that is why you aren't getting any responses.

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but i am applying for PhD programs :)))


Oh. Your post says "I am applying to all medical schools in the Boston area", which is probably a source of confusion, then. I'd suggest trying in a field-specific forum. You might get relevant more people to see your post there. But more generally, I want to reiterate something we often say when people post questions like yours, and that's that we are not experts and can't really predict your chances, so take the replies you get with a grain of salt.

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