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Chances of admission for BioE Masters


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Hello all, would like your opinion on my chances of admission. Here are my stats:


Undergraduate institution: University of Hong Kong


Undergraduate major: Medical engineering


Undergraduate cGPA: 3.39 (Probably around 3.5-3.6 by the time of graduation)


GRE Scores:





Research experience:

Semester long research paper on lab-on-a-chip systems

year long research project on robotics in Asia (probably gonna be published in 2015)

final year research project on brain computer interfaces



Two summer internships at National Pharmaceutical companies in India

Summer internship at a robotics startup in Hong Kong


Other extracurriculars:

Competent Communicator award at Toastmasters International, a public speaking and leadership organization

Organized an event to get school age girls interested in technology to bridge gender gap in engineering

Started a student consulting group on campus



Academic scholarship for 75% of my tuition fees

Merit based scholarship for study abroad program



Two from professors under whom I have done research

One from the boss at my robotics internship


Applying for Ms/MEng at:



Johns Hopkins

Georgia Tech

UC Berkeley



University of Rochester

Arizona State



Research interests:

Biomedical technology development

Medical electronics and devices

Medical imaging 

Computational modelling and biology


PS: If it helps, I am a non-citizen and non-resident of the US


Feedback will be appreciated

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Awesome stats. You have a good chance.


It'd help to get responses if you were actually active besides in threads that would greatly benefit only you. Just sayin'. I learned that when I first posted here a few weeks back.

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