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Three Best Sources For My LORs: Please help


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I completed my Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology back in 2007. Following that I worked as a Programmer Analyst for an MNC for 2 years and 8 months. I am applying for a Masters in Journalism for fall 2015. I am a little confused about the 3 people I should ask to write an LOR.


1. I have requested a previous manager at the organisation I was employed full-time with to write one for me probably emphasizing on my skills in terms of computers and programming and about the extra curricular stuff I did while I was working.


2. I currently work as a Freelance Writer for a popular online magazine (Lifestyle + Women); I have asked the Associate Editor to write one for me talking about my skills as a writer.


3. I did a part-time job (for about six months) as the Blogger and Editor for an NGO which works for women and children for a war-torn area in India so I can ask the founder to write an LOR for me.




3. I can ask a professor from the university where I studied Engineering to write one for me but that person wouldn't say anything about my writing skills. It would be more related to my academics and may be some extra curricular participation. 


What do you suggest would hold more prominence? I have done a lot of writing other than this but these are the best sources I can think of.


Please help. I have to be really fast with this.

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I would say go with the NGO founder since that experience is a) more recent, and B) more pertinent to what you actually want to do. I'd likely replace recommender #1 with the professor just so you have at least one academic reference, even if it is out of field.

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