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Need help searching for program!


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Hi GradCafe, 


First time posting so if Im in the wrong place just let me know and I'll move the thread elsewhere. 


First about me: 


2013 UC Berkeley Grad Majored in: Politcal Science, Asian Diaspora studies and Minored in Public Policy. 


GPA: 3.4 


GRE: Verbal: 87th percentile Quant: 89th percentile.


I want to work with IGOs, NGOs, primarily with developing underdeveloped countries with foreign aid, working with foreign policy, and possible international security. Primarily, I want to work in international development. Something similar to the UN but not restricting myself to a single institution.


What programs should I look into? I really don't want to stay in academia, but I want a PhD. I don't want a PhD just because it will get me a job or pay more but I want to study something so in-depth that I become a complete expert at it. If I had to name my dream job, I would say I would want to work on East Asian relations between the US and Both Koreas and Japan, specifically with respect to resolving conflicts between North and South Korea (possibly move toward integration) etc etc but I digress. I just wanted to give an example of some things I want to look into. 


Also, after finding the programs I want to apply to, who do I talk to regarding classes I might need? 



Thanks for your help in advance! 


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