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How many schools should I apply to for MSCS (Don't have an undergrad in computer science)


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Whats a safe number of schools to apply to for MSCS programs?  I don't have an undergrad in CS so I feel like every school is a reach for me.  I have decent GRE's though V:159, Q: 166, AW: 4.5.  GPA is decent 3.4 (Business Major), but not amazing.


I'm not sure how selective MSCS programs are.  I know for PhD most people have to apply to more than 10 programs.  I have 10 MSCS programs so far.  Is that a safe number?  I had 3 other schools I'm considering, which would make 13 total.

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I'm going for professional programs.  My goal is to switch careers, get a software engineer job.  I have no interest in getting a PhD.


My list right now


3 top 10 schools

3 Schools ranked in the 20-30

2 Schools ranked between 30-50

2 Schools ranked between 50-75


Just wondering, are masters programs beyond ranked beyond 50, very easy to get into (even w/o a CS background)? 

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I am curious to hear what your actual list is. If you are uncomfortable  sharing, you could pm it to me. I am in the same shoes as you however I have not taken the GRE. Likewise I am still in the process of surveying what schools are available for me to apply.


If you have not already, I would start taking some CS and math classes at a local uni which should strengthen your application.


As for your question, it really depends. Generally the ones who do not require a GRE are easier to get in. However you still have to take a stringent amount of undergrad CS courses.


Anyways, I'm really curious to see your list.



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