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Neurobiologist Path


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I'd like to become a neurobiologist and was wondering, what is the ideal academic path to take from start to finish? I know that's a pretty simple question but I'm new so I thought I'd start with something basic. I'm glad to be here

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Major in a biological science in undergrad (a handful of universities offer neuroscience as a major). If you are interested in behavior maybe pick up a psychology minor. Do research in a lab. Then apply for a graduate program in neuroscience. Alternatively, you may still do neurobiology if you apply to a different biomedical science department where people are focused on neuroscience (say, a biochemistry department where multiple faculty members research neuron ion channels).

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To original poster


Requirements of working in a lab are that you have large blocks of time 3-4 hours several times a week. No one wants to invest time in mentoring a person who will be there an hour a day for 1 semester. It wastes your time and the mentors time and ends up making them angry so they will be unlikely to write a good letter of rec.


Show enthusiasm for the subject, Inquire about reading materials such as a review on the subject matter, or a publication within your field on a particular subject. If you are genuinely engaged, willing to learn, willing to take initiative and ownership of a project, then you would be an excellent fit to a lab.


Just don't show up and act like someone should hand you a protocol betty crocker recipe to do everyday and you will be fine. Good luck!

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I read that faculty is quite fond of recruiting unpaid people willing to work at labs for experience. Is it a good idea to scout out some interesting people and email them asking to work alongside them in the hopes of experience and getting an LOR from them?

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