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Repost from the Political Science Forum regarding Sciences Po, IHEID and LSE


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As per suggestion, I wanted to post this to this forum regarding an MIA degree and governmental affairs. If you all have any suggestions, I would be grateful.



Hello all,


I am a recent graduate from a SUNY university, and I was wondering the feasibility of getting my master's degree abroad in Paris, Geneva or London. I'm thinking of getting an MIA from one of these universities, specifically in the field of international security where applicable (Sciences Po doesn't have a broad based MIA degree).


The logic behind my choices is that I spent a lot of time abroad in Europe, and I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing their education system. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Honors College in the US with about a year of internship experience under my belt (albeit seven months of it was event planning for the study abroad office  :() and two study abroad experiences, one in Finland and the other in Belgium for a combined 6 months. I'm taking my GREs next week, but I saw that they don't hold as much weight as other requirements.


If you guys have any suggestions for any other good MIA schools in Europe that fit my criteria, I would be grateful. I really wasn't able to find any other good ones outside of these three in Europe that are internationally renowned.


On a side note, I am also applying to Harvard and Princeton as total long shots, and Johns Hopkins, Tufts and UMich as US targets.


Thanks guys and I hope to help all of you through this process also!


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