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Early Notification Deadlines and Recommendations

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Hello everyone,


I've submitted my applications to the Fletcher School and SAIS before the early notification deadline today, but two of my recommenders still have not submitted their letters yet! If they come through within the next week, will I still be considered as having applied by the EN deadline? I really want to find out in December - waiting game is a killer!!

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You should call the admissions office asap (if you can get through)


Im still finishing my app. Everything Ive read says the deadline is 11:59:59pm EST tonight. Do you know if thats right?

Yea, that's the deadline for EN. But I have heard it's a hard deadline for submission of the application / scores / transcripts ..... but rec letters can come a little later (or so I read in an old post on a Fletcher admissions blog). But I don't know if that's the current policy about the recommendations. Will try to call the admissions office via Skype, it's hard to do in my location though :( Ahhh!

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