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Interested in research in two different subfields; how to address in SOP?

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Hi all,


So, to be brief, I'm primarily interested in materials chemistry, so I'm pretty much just applying to materials programs, but I would say that overall I'm pretty open to some chemical biology as well, particularly research that makes artificial proteins.


Is there a way I can integrate these two interests in my writing, or should I really just focus on the materials professors for my application so it looks like I'm committed? I don't think I should say I want to do both, but I think the idea of trying to make something biological (like proteins), or biologically inspired (like anti-fouling agents inspired by the glossy coating of a particular kind of leaf), or modifying things normally found in nature to do other things (like viruses as batteries) is really cool, which is maybe why some of these chemical biology professors have work that interests me.


Maybe I just answered my own question. Would still like input.


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