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How strict are schools about letters being on time?


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I have one rec that Im waiting on hours before the application is due. I even gave my recommender an earlier date than it was actually due, and Im still waiting. The due date for the app falls on a Saturday. Do you think her rec will still be accepted if it gets in this weekend?

Also, I spoke with her yesterday and she agreed to do it first thing in the morning. Its 8 pm. Should I send another reminder? I dont want to tarnish the relationship with a great professor.


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Schools understand that students can't control when their recommenders submit their letters. There is usually some leniency here, and recommenders often know that and take advantage of this grace period. Of course I can't guarantee that there isn't ever going to be a super-strict school, but these very short delays with responsive profs who promise to do it almost always work out just fine. (It's the cases where a prof disappears and becomes unresponsive where the horror stories usually come from.)

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One of my letters to Columbia was recieved a week late, yet I was still interviewed and accepted.  It happens. 


I do think there are some schools that are very strict, but fortunately most give you a bit of leeway.

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