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Graduate School in Education Ed.L.D


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Hello all --


I am applying for an Ed.L.D. at Harvard. I really want it and I think I can get it. Here are my stats:


GRE high points: Verbal 161 and Analytical Writing 5.5 (98% percentile)

Undergrad GPA: 3.7 in school of education at Pennsylvania State University

Grad GPA: 4.0 from Master of Science for International Educators program.

Experience: international teaching all over the country and world -- 11 years cumulative experience and 4 years in the classroom. 

Age: 27

Experience facilitating multi-school projects, trained school accreditor.

Strong innovative candidate with long history of innovative classroom practice.

Strong diversity candidate (in American abroad international experience as well as urban, suburban, and rural USA experience - speaks 3 languages).


References coming in from:

1. Principal

2. Grad School Prof 

3. PTA President Parent in my Classroom (who I've know for 3+ years, was a Rhodes Scholar and Oxford graduate, and speaks highly of my innovative and leadership skills.)

4. Director of local Makerspace program funded by US State Department who I advise for. 



How do I make it in? What else do I need? Anyone else out there in Ed.D. applications and want to lend advice regarding short essay, Statement of Purpose writing?



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