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Really don't know what to think


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Hello all,


I'm an international student applying for PhD in biomedical sciences. I took the GRE 3 times, in the first I screwed the quantitative section with V 159 Q 149 AW 3.5 and in the second and third attempts I got the same identical scores! V 157 Q 156 AW 4.0

I know that my scores are just average but shouldn't a field like mine be based more on research experience? I checked with the schools and they said they do not have a GRE minimum requirement so what to think?


I really can't believe that 2 numbers on a race test can shadow almost 3 years of research experience, 4 publications, other projects in progress and papers in submission. Retaking the test again is out of question since time is almost up for applications and as I said, I can't believe other parts of my application cannot compensate an average GRE score.  

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I think your fine. You have tons of experience and that will have much more weight than a stupid test. Well I hope I get in a school. I did much worse than you did and not taking it again. Its very expensive. 

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