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Need help deciding for second & third LOR


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I've worked as an RA for three different professors so far, have a stronger than average relationship with my academic advisor, and have an amiable relationship with another respected professor. I'm not sure who would be the most appropriate to ask for LOR for the Beinecke Scholarship. I know who to ask for my first LOR as he's already written me several and I have the strongest relationship with him, but then I'm not sure who would be more appropriate to ask for the remaining LORs.


1. An assistant professor that I've worked with since last January and who is sponsoring me for an independent research project that will take place over my remaining three semesters.


2/3. An assistant professor who I worked closely with over the summer on various studies and on a meta-analysis.


2/3. An associate professor that I started talking to during office hours for class last spring semester and then started chatting with about my personal academic goals and passions over the summer.


2/3. A famous professor that I didn't interact with often, but worked with his grad student over the summer.


2/3. My academic advisor who I schedule (additional) meetings with each semester to chat about my progress, where I want to end up, and who to get there.


I see pros and cons about asking each of them and I'm starting to overthink it! What do you all think?? Thanks in advance for any feedback! :)

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