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Listing organizational grants on CV?


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I'm wondering where on my CV I might be able to list grants that I received as part of an organization. I was executive director of a non-profit for several years, and during that time we received several large foundation grants. I co-wrote most of them along with my team, but for whatever reason (usually legal) I didn't normally have my name on the submitted application. Is it impossible for me to list these on my CV? Or is there a way I can do it that correctly represents this context?

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I have seen some CVs where the authors list these types of successful grants as a "contributing author" or something like that. To avoid confusion with other grants/awards a grad student generally lists on their CV (i.e. grants/prizes awarded to you personally for academic or research achievement), you could list these grants as a separate subsection of your awards or your "publications" sections. You can even include one or two lines under the subsection heading that clarifies your contribution to these listings.


That said, I am not certain whether or not it's absolutely necessary (or even helpful) to include these items in your CV. Perhaps someone in your field (or a professor) can advise you on that part!


(Edited to add: the CVs where I see these types of grants listed are CVs of researchers who currently work at soft money institutions. That is, these are cases where their employment and salary depends on their ability to write successful grant to fund themselves and their research!)

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