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Visiting schools

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First of all, what do people think about applying to schools in different parts of the country than where you live? How easy is it to find a job in a different area than your school, if need be?


Secondly, do most people visit schools before they apply? This seems like it could get very expensive. I've noticed that a lot of schools are starting to have only one or two "visiting" days and otherwise, they won't see you. However, if you live on the east coast, for example, and you're looking at two schools on the west coast with visitation days two weeks apart…how are you supposed to visit? That would cost hundreds of dollars.

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SLPs are needed nation-wide. The demand is greater in some areas than other, and a great deal depends on which settings you're willing to work in, but I've been following SLP blogs/boards/etc for the last four years and the overwhelming impression I've had is that it's generally not difficult to find a job away from where you go to school.


My impression is that most people who cast a wide net to schools across the country aren't able to visit them all, no. Neither my husband nor I had ever set foot in Arkansas, Mississippi, or Kansas when he decided to apply to schools there, and once he chose those schools, we decided that we needed to be saving our money for a potential cross-country move, rather than spending it visiting those places. I don't think we would have made a different choice if we had visited beforehand, but it would have been nice if we'd had the money for it. I know that Twinguy (you'll see him in other recent threads) visited many of the schools he applied to, so perhaps he can offer some insight on timing with visitation days or how receptive the departments were to having visitors outside of scheduled visit days.

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I am from Massachusetts and am applying to schools in 11 different states. The closest state is Maryland and the furthest state is New Mexico. I will not be visiting any schools until I find out of acceptance. Most schools have accepted students day so there should be other days you can visit the department. I have never been to 10/11 states I'm applying to, but to be honest this is my second time applying and wherever I get in I'll take it!

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