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Do I need to retake GRE or be worried about admission for MS in Molecular Bio?


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Today I took the GRE and the results were: 

151 Verbal

156 Quantitative 


This was about 10 points lower than what I was expecting, as even with timed practice exams I had enough time to finish, but today I struggled significantly with time.  It was a stress issue, and I am not entirely confident that a retake would improve the anxiety that hit me at the test center. 


My other stats:

GPA: 3.6

Recommendations: Fairly strong

Research experience: 3 years working in a lab, but no publications, only assisting the graduate student perform her experiments


I'm applying to MS degrees for molecular/cellular bio at the following: University of Georgia, Penn State, Kentucky, University of Toledo, and Kent State


Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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No, but I believe I saw somewhere that you need 300 at least to apply, which I think makes my 307 look pretty bad


Why? If it says that the cutoff is 300, and you have 307, then you are fine. Just focus on the rest of your application. Once you are above the cutoff, nobody is going to look at your GRE score again.

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I was just worried because I always assumed that the cutoff was on the low side, for example the cutoff GPA is often 3.0, but I would think the 3.0's wouldn't be the strongest applicants. However, your advice is very helpful, so thank you!

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