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Philosophy PhD / and JD


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Some folks at another web site (toplawschools.com) have suggested that this web site is a great place to conduct this discussion that we started on that site. If any of the regulars here are interested in joining the discussion please join us. This is my first posting here so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Murph. I live in Hawaii and am looking to go to school in the mainland (continental US). I am thinking of a joint philosophy and law degree program.

OK, so a few people responded to my post on toplawschools.com that they have been thinking about doing a joint PHD and JD program. But no one has responded saying they are doing one or that they did one. Let's fix that.

I would like to contact several professors that now work in legal academia who have done joint degree programs. I will interview them and post the Q+A on toplawschools.com and on theGradCafe.com. Brian Leiter has responded to my emails in the past and he has offered to answer questions from people interested in Chicago on his web site. He seems to be the expert opinion in this area. So I will start with him. No promises that he will even respond but we can repeat the process with others as well.

Let's use this thread to come up with seven or eight good questions. We can kick the questions around for a day or two while I try to contact the professors. We should not ask obvious questions like "which schools are ranked the best" since Leiter has made that info available on his web site.

I'll think of some questions before going to bed tonight. I'll also crosspost this at top law schools.com.


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