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Problem with Job Part of Application


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I just spoke to one of my recommenders, who informed me that the reason that he put for my leaving the job at which I worked with him differs from the one that I put on the applications that I have turned in so far. It seems to have just been an honest mistake, and the two versions are reconcilable (just sort of told from different angles of the company, and neither is bad; I left the job on good terms), but I'm worried that it might present problems to an ad com who notices she says one thing and I say another. Is it worth it to write to the ad coms to modify my own explanations for leaving this job even though their deadlines have already passed, or should I just let this be. I'm worried that the inconsistency, if noticed, could lead to them thinking that I'm not telling the truth.

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This is an old-ish post but here's my advice anyway:


It probably isn't a deal breaker so honestly you're probably fine to leave it be. You can just shoot your school's admissions contact noting the issue. If you (or they) think it is going to be a big deal I would have your recommenders write you an email which says something like "Trent, I'm sorry about the mistake on your letter. I wrote that you went down in flames when really you went down in a blaze of glory." Then forward it to your contact with an explanation. 

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