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What level of program should I consider?

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Hi all---

I'm hope this isn't too redundant, but a little unsure as to the level at which I might apply. To add, I returned to undergrad as a non-traditional student after running several service industry businesses. I will graduate with a BS in Pure Mathematics and BA in Economics from a top 10 liberal arts school. My overall gpa will end up terribly low (3.4-ish) but if you discount the classes I took 15 years ago it would look more like 3.913. I am really worried about a B+ in Analysis I, but I have an A in Analysis II which I hope will show that I'm not an idiot. I have also TA'd Abstract Alg, Lin Alg & Cross Section Econometrics (grad level). My LORs will be from two endowed chairs in Econ, but in math, prob an assistant with whom I have a close relationship. Additionally I had a job in which I worked >50 hrs a week through all of this. Does that B+/or being 34 kill ivy league for me? Thanks for helpful comments!

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