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MFA Programs in Europe


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Hello all,


I'm applying to creative writing MFA programs for Fall 2015. My fiance, who is originally from West Africa, just found out that he might have to go to France to finish his studies next year. Can anyone recommend some good creative writing programs in Europe with English curricula?



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CW programs in Europe work a little differently than in the US. A lot of them are not MFAs, but MAs or M.Litt or M.Phil. I'm not sure what the distinctions are between those. These generally seem to be only one year of study. The University of Glasgow does have a 2-year MFA that sounds promising, and it includes pedagogy and teaching practice, which would be good if one of your goals is to teach at a college or university.


There's also a two-year MFA at Kingston University in London. It would be a much more expensive locale, but probably more literary opportunities.


Other programs I've seen:

University of Surrey

Bath Spa University (no, it's not actually a spa)

University College Dublin (MFA option)

National University of Ireland Galway

University College Cork

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