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Put off a course?


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So at my school my second year Winter 2014 semester looks like this: Organic Chemistry II, Intro Biochemistry, Intro Cell Bio, Intro Molecular/Microbial Biology plus an option. I currently have a GPA of 3.067 and am still unsure how Fall is going to turn out. Would you advise that I drop a science course or the option course? Will Grad Schools look down on this? I want to get in the Cellular Molecular Microbiology Program at my school too so it's already a hard program which makes me say perhaps I should just forget the option and focus on the science because regardless my courses are going chock full of science and labs in the next year and up.


So any advice would be nice, thanks for reading!

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I doubt if you have a bad GPA one semester in important classes that they'll excuse it just because you were taking more credits (but it probably depends). I think that would just look bad on you for taking on too much. If anything, I'd put off biochem until after orgo 2 or cell bio depending on how the class is set up (maybe email your specific biochem professor?). Those are both of the prereqs for my biochem. Anyway, I like taking similar courses in the same semester. It really cuts down on overall study time since a lot of the classes have similar foundational concepts. At least at my school, these courses have a lot of overlap. If you're someone who is overwhelmed by all science courses, maybe that isn't for you anyway- unless you're concerned about having so many labs on top of your coursework. Hopefully that helps!

EDIT: How many credits is that?

EDIT 2: What do you mean by option? Is it required to graduate, just an elective/counting for hours?

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@neuropanic they are 3 credits each and yes those options are just breadth requirements *sigh* if I could only just take the sciences. I'm still thinking about possibly just dropping that option though but then I keep thinking how is it going to be the next year when it'll be the same? Four heavy sciences plus that option. Thanks for your input though!

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Right. Your classes will get harder as you progress. Buuuut, if you don't know how to study for those classes now and handle a big load, it could be better to put it off. You could always add it and drop it later if it's too much (making sure to not let your other grades suffer)?

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