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Page limit includes images?


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Hi! So I am just about to turn in my application for the Art History PhD program at Stanford and I noticed that the writing sample page limit count includes images and bibliography. For an art history paper not only is this unusual but it's very frustrating since I literally have about 9 pages of images, and this pushes my page count over the limit (the max is 20 and my page count including images and bibliography is 25).


I'm panicking a bit because I did all of my editing already and I really don't know what I could remove in the actual text, and I honestly don't want to compromise the content of my paper because of the image count. I can get it to come in at 19 by making the images smaller so that more are on one page, but also only if I have the spacing at 1.5 instead of double spaced. The thing is, the page requirements stress the margins and page count but don't say anything about the spacing requirement. 



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So I went through and read the Chicago Style formatting requirements and it does require double spacing, but it also simply puts the font size requirements as "no less than 10pt (preferably, 12pt)". I put the font size at 11pt and then double spaced it and got it down to 19 pages again. 


Does anyone think that that might be an issue? Or should I be okay, since the application's requirement doesn't give a font size and Chicago style seems to not dispute 11pt font size?

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