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UK Distance Learning PhD -- A Few Questions.


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Hey, everyone. This is my inaugural post. I tried to search to see if this had been asked previously, but didn't see where it had, so, forgive me if this is redundant. I'm currently double majoring in Philosophy and Mathematics (with concentration on Theoretical Mathematics) at a private, liberal arts college in the United States. Logic is definitely my thing. Well, I'd love to go to graduate school for Philosophy with the intention of obtaining a PhD, in hopes of someday teaching it at a university. If, for the sake of the question, my grades remain as high as they have been (I'm only now completing my second year) and my GRE scores are comparably good, as well, I'd love to get into a reputable graduate program here in the US, and that's still a possibility; but, my circumstances may be as such that I am not able to move from current location (Shreveport, LA) following completion of my undergraduate degree for a couple of years, and the closest university to me with a decent graduate program in Philosophy is UT, in Austin, TX, I was wondering about distance learning for a philosophy PhD through a British university. I noticed that Birmingham and Aberdeen both offer this as an option, and apparently international students are allowed (for considerably higher tuition). Is this a viable option? Would the degree be taken seriously here in the United States, and could it still possibly net me a job eventually in Academia? Online degrees often carry a stigma, understandably, but seeing as this is from a brick and mortar university, I didn't know if that was still applicable. I don't even know if foreign degrees are honored by most universities when it comes to hiring. Any insight at all would be appreciated, as I've not been able to find much elsewhere on the internet. I'll try to speak to my undergraduate adviser, as well.

It may be that I'll just have to try to sweet-talk my significant other into moving, when that time comes.

Thanks, everyone.

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it will depend on what exactly do you want to do with such ph.d.  the problem is 1. those universities which do offer distance learning for ph.d are not exactly considered prestigious as far as philosophy is concerned 2. you will not have any teaching experience and 3. since this is a very recent phenomena, you will be looked as suspicious.

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That's pretty much what I assumed. Thanks for the input! There's always the option of getting an MS in Pure Mathematics, as that's offered by more than one graduate program within driving range of Shreveport. It would be a pretty good fit, as well. At any rate, I've at least another year to mull it over.

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