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Hello guys,

Here is my profile. Please suggest me some good and safe universities for VLSI

GRE 320 (Q=164; V=156; AWA waiting)
TOEFL 101 (R=26; L=26; S=25; W=24)
B.E in E&C, VTU: 75.3% (1 backlog in 3rd sem-lab)
12th : 87.17% (PCM 94%)
10th : 96.8%

Projects : 1 Final year project: Implemented a cipher algorithm on fpga & simulated using matlab and some minor projects

Papers : 1 journal in the process of publishing based on the final year project which i did.

I had applied for Fall 2014 for the following universities.. I did not receive any admits last year. So i want you guys to suggest me some safe universities this time. I had 313(162,151,3.0) gre last time.
1. ASU
2. USC
3. UTD
6. UFL

I don't know what went wrong last time. Also i want to specify my score in VLSI in my engineering is 65/125. Is this the reason i didn't receive any admits last time? Please suggest some safe universities this time..

I have been working in a small company for the last year, not related to VLSI though. I have been taking a course from IISc on embedded systems hoping the certification will help. 

I have been thinking of applying to 
2. Cornell
4. USC
5. UC, Irvine
I know they all fall under ambi universities. So suggestions on safe universities will be of great help.

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