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Cambridge or Columbia


University of Cambridge London or Columbia University (Teachers COllege)  

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  1. 1. University of Cambridge London or Columbia University (Teachers COllege)

    • University of Cambridge, MPhil Social and Developmental Psych
    • Teachers College COlumbia University, MA Developmental Psych

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Hello All,

I have a Bachelor's degree from St. John's University in NY in Psych.

I applied for NYU, Teachers College and University of Cambridge in London. NYU denied me but thankfully, I got into COlumbia and Cambridge for an MA in Developmental Psyhchology and an MPhil in SOical and Developmental respectively. Both of the have offered me small funding.. However, Cambridge offered it a little later, so I had already made full preparations for Columbia. Apartment, Registered for classes, visited the campus, met with professors, made small down payment.

I know they are both great school, but which do I choose?

I have intentions of living either in the Caribbean (Trinidad) or in the US. Eventually I'd like to do some work in research, a little clinical maybe, academic work and advocacy for family issues.

I'm an American, so the work opportunities during grad school are better at Columbia, but am I giving up an amazing opportunity by saying no to Cambridge???

PLease offer some feedback. I really need the advice.

Thank You

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I've always heard it's better to get your degree in the country you want to work in. If you plan to work in the US, getting a degree there will help you network better than you could from afar (even though Cambridge is a great place with high name recognition). Both of your offers are great, but considering what I just wrote and the fact you have already started making arrangements to go to Columbia, I'd stick with that. Personally, I don't believe in regretting choices I did not make - who's to say the other choice, glamorous as it would seem from afar, would have been any better than the one I made? That's my $0.02.

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