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LOR still not submitted


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One of my professors haven't submitted LOR yet.

And the deadline for one of my schools has already passed.

What should I say in my email? He's never in his office so it's hard to directly talk to him.

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I am in the same situation. Consider though that the deadline for the LORs is in general more flexible than the general deadline.

I would just write something like: Dear Prof., I would like to remind you about the letter of recommendations for etc. I will resend the recommendation requests so you have them all in your inbox etc.

If he still does not send them in a few days, I would email again and mention that the deadlines have passed etc.

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When I was getting anxious about my professors getting their letters in, I sent them a gently reminder email a few days before the deadline. Just a "Dear Professor, just wanted to remind you of the deadline for this letter, if you did not receive the request from the university please let me know" type of thing. Whereas for my PI, I just stopped by his office and said "Letter?" - so it depends on your relationship with the professor.


What I've been told here is that professors will put things off until the last minute and that it's okay to remind them a few times.

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