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Who's letter of recommendation should I use?


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So I'm applying for several statistics programs mainly on the west coast. I have two decently strong letters of recommendation one from a statistics professor another from a professor who is well known in dynamic systems.


For my 3rd letter I'm unsure which two use as both choice can write me really good letters, but they aren't really well known at all. So I'm unsure which I should use.


First letter

Economics advisor, as well as lecturer, teachers econometrics, and a graduate econ mathematics course, both of which I've taken and received A+. He's been part of the university for a long time but is just a lecturer.


Second letter

She was lecturer at my school, but taught 3 high level classes. Financial Mathematics, and 2 actuarial model courses, which involved statistics and probability. I received A's in all the courses, and her letter would be also really nice. The downside is she has quit lecturing at my university and has went back to school for another degree.


Any input would be appreciated. Both people really know me very well and will give me stunning letters, so I feel as though with my lack of knowledge which I should choose.

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The first thing you should consider is if the institutions you are applying to accepts more than 3 letters. A lot of them do. If so, you could just have both sent since they each can have different perspectives. If you can only have 3 though, then you'd want to pick the person who has the most experience dealing with graduate level students. Another thing to consider is how well these recommenders know you beyond your grades in their classes.

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