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What are my chances? MA Econ Canada UBC, U of T, McGill


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I know this is rather early...but I'm trying to figure out what my chances are of getting into MA Econ programs in Canada for Fall 2010...The programs in Canada I'm looking into are

UBC - MA Econ

U of T - MA Econ

McGill - MA Econ - Social Statistics/Development Studies (possibly one of these two options or just a straight MA Econ)

UGrad in USA - BSc Mechanical Engineering Ivy League 3.3/4.0 GPA

GRE - 800 V, 720 Q, 4.5 AW

Econ/Finance Prep - Intermediate Macro/Micro, Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting 'A' in all four classes. Also took two Development Economics classes while studying abroad in England for which I didn't get assigned grades.

Math Prep - My math grades are not quite stellar with a C in Linear Algebra. I was having a bad semester. Is it worth taking some math courses at a local university to remedy this, as I know Canadian admission is based solely on grades.

If anyone who got admitted to these programs could tell me what my chances of getting into these schools are, and any other advice on how to improve on my application I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks :)

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