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Questions about SoP && Could Use Reviewer for CS SoP


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I have a few questions about writing a SoP for CS. I think this is the best place to find my fellow CS types who know about SoPs.


One, if I am coming out of a very short sprint as a software engineer, should I mention this in some fashion.  Should I justify/explain it? I am applying to a school’s Masters of Science with Thesis program, so it is not very relevant work other than experience being productive.


Two, since I am going for a masters, is it okay to be a little open ended about research interests? Can I get away with saying that I have some interests, I am a strong student, and I think your school is a great choice because it has so many areas to explore?  Or does that just come of flimsy?


Finally, how does this flow sound for paragraphs?

  1. Introduction to current situation as an engineer and identify my desired to instead get my M.S. so I can eventually get my Ph.D. and become a professor.
  2. Explain my CS undergrad strengths: great grades and lots of breadth.
  3. Introduce my primary interest in algorithms and complexity.
  4. Introduce alternative interest in artificial intelligence.  
  5. Review previous research experience and publication. I also note experience "teaching" here.
  6. Conclude with why school and I are good fit. Mostly talking about me being a strong candiate insterested in fields that they have ongoing research in.

Also, I would appreciate it if anyone would look at my SoP and tell me what they think.  I have been focusing on this paper so much lately that I am not sure I can see anything wrong with it besides it being horrible and the vain of my existence.  I could really use a CS (or somewhat CS) minded reviewer or two, who know what a SoP should look like.  If you feel up to it, PM me and I will forward you the SoP.


Thanks for your time!

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I would combine both paragraph #1 and #2 into one paragraph. Committees are more interested in what you can do in the future. They will look at what you've done in the past but they are more concerned with what research areas and problems you are interested in (and any potential professors/advisors).

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