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U Mass Lowell (Feedback Needed)


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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,


I'm applying for various polymer programs near the East Coast and U Mass Lowell struck me as a very dedicated program.

1. Has / Is anyone in this forum enrolled in the plastic Engineering PhD program?

2. How is the funding support situation there? While the website says it's hard to get full support, I want insider's take.

3. I was actually also contemplating between the PhD Chemistry (plastic engr. option) vs. PhD in Plastic Engineering.

If anyone has informative feedbacks about their program, suggestions or advice, I will welcome it! :)


Thank you!




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Just graduated ChemE from Ulowell. The plastics department has a lot of money. They have about 2 buildings worth of territory, one of them being brand-new. I would take a look into it. Since they are so unique, they receive a lot of attention from the school. Every single undergrad in the department has a paid internship. They have strong ties to the industry. 

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