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SOP for Masters Degree in Political Science

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I just finished my SOP and now need advice, pointers, etc!  I majored in history and minored in poli sci as an undergrad, and as a result I haven't articulated any research questions.  I spoke with a professor and he said it wasn't necessary as I am only applying to a masters program. He said as long as I show in my SOP that I am engaged it will be fine.  We'll see.  Without further ado:




    Thank you for considering my application for the Masters Degree in Political Science at the University of XXXX.  My interest in political science stems not only from its vigorous methods, but also because it elucidates the connection between government and people’s lives.  As a child I lived with my mother and two sisters in a dilapidated trailer park.  We, like most of our neighbors, were inextricably tied to the government through the receipt of welfare checks and free school lunches.  Through my intellectual development in college, I am better able to understand the politics of poverty, which, in retrospect, set the stage for my interest in political science.  
    The university of XXXX's political science program interests me because of its diversity of faculty in American politics.  I look forward to exploring a variety of interests in your program, though my primary interests are in constitutionalism, judicial process and behavior, and political economy. I hope to have the opportunity to study these topics under XXXXX, XXXX, XXXX, and XXXXXX.  Through your program, I plan to expand my knowledge of Political Science in preparation for future doctoral work.  
    At the University of XXXXX, I studied American History and focused my studies in urban/suburban history. These studies gave me an understanding of American politics as a foundation to my work in your program. In my last year, my coursework focused on constitutional law and judicial behavior.  Through this coursework I explored the basic framework of constitutional law and the Supreme Court. This gave me an exposure to quantitative methods through aspects of judicial behavior seen in Harold Spaeth’s “Attitudinal Model.”  Although the majority of my undergraduate research centered on historical questions rooted in qualitative methods, I look forward to learning about the statistical and quantitative methods employed in political science. This will support my aspirations for a career in teaching and research.
    I am aware that my gpa(2.98) is slightly lower than the minimum requirement of 3.00; however, I want to stress that this is not indicative of my planned performance in graduate school.  As I have matured intellectually, I have developed an appreciation for the logical quality of argument in Political Science.  This intellectual maturity is a driving force in the pursuit of my goals, giving me a clarity and a focus I have not previously had.
    I look forward to the opportunity of further development of my academic skills at the University of XXXX.  Please let me know if you have any questions about my application.



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  1. I don't know about political science but i feel your SOP is small .Usually in engineering its from 500-1000 words. 
  2. You can talk about any extra curricular activities you have been involved which will show you are a well rounded person
  3. You can also talk about any project/research work you have done in your undergrad
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