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GRE Score?


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HI everyone! Not sure if anyone checks this in the summer but I'm going to give it a shot...

I hope to be applying to top grad programs (classics) for fall 2010. By top I mean top 5/top 10. I know everyone likes to say that the Admissions process is holistic and all that good sounding stuff (which I am sure is true, to an extent), what type of GRE scores should I be shooting for in order to be competitive?

I know that other factors are important, undergrad G.P.A., writing sample, letters of rec, etc. but let's assume all of that stuff is in tip top shape. What kind of GRE scores does one need to remain in the running? And do quant scores really matter?

Thanks for any advice/insight you may be able to offer.

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Thank you both for your responses!

The Classical Journal website has some pretty useful information about admissions expectations for various programs.

http://classicaljournal.org/study_class ... urveys.php

kemet, this is the most helpful information I've seen so far. It's great to see something other than "we don't have any cut-offs for the GRE"... etc.

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