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Getting into an doctoral program


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Hey guys, I am a first year student in a Master's experimental program. If my plan is to apply to I/O doctorate programs what kind of GPA is acceptable? As it is an experimental program, many of the courses are in basic areas of psychology and not I/O in particular. Therefore, is GPA an important aspect or will more emphasis placed on research/publications more related to the field? My future goal is to do organizational consulting so I know that it will be beneficial to have a PhD. My thesis is on this topic and there is room for me to take more I/O electives my second year. Any advice from others in and out of the field would be excellent. Thanks in advance!

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I don't know if all schools are like this, but most of the grad students I know say that getting a B in anything in grad school is like getting a D/F in an undergrad course, and you should rethink what you're doing there. That's when in the program already, so I don't know about future prospects. I'm also interested about the weight given to it after the program, which I think is what you're asking about, so I hope other people will chime in.

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